• Though we recognise that no space will be completely safe for everyone, we want to try our best to provide the best experience possible, and be there for one another.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy against any forms of racism, sexism, transphobia, misogyny, ableism, colonial expressions, queer-phobia, Bi/ Pan/ Homo/ Ace -phobia, classism, and all forms of discrimination or oppressive behaviors. We also stand firm against antiziganism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, casteism, as well as all supremacists and discriminatory views and behaviours.

  • We also have a few concert etiquette suggestions that help in staying mindful to people around you: we would highly appreciate that tall people stick to the sides and the back of the room, to avoid blocking the view of others.

  • During the acts, please be respectful of the artists, the speakers, and the rest of the audience by minimising talking and making noise.

  • When photos and videos are permitted, please do not use flash, and please be mindful that there are others behind you (you can for example lower the brightness of your screen, cover the screen with your hand). We highly recommend experiencing the event away from the screens of your mobile phones. Be present & in the moment. Also, please respect people’s privacy, intimacy, and consent.

  • We – the Territory Disrupt team – are available during the events to assist in situations which could be difficult/invasive to participants.

    Please do not hesitate to talk to us in person or via WhatsApp or Signal over this number: number removed after the event

  • We trust that everybody will be respectful and sensitive to the needs of others. When in doubt, please ask!

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