Recordings of the three panels, streamed and published by Cashmere Radio

Panel I

Territory Disrupt: Cultural Imperialism – Music, sound and language as tools of resistance.

With: Bint Mbareh, Khyam Allami, Pisitakun.

Moderator: Diana Abbani

Panel II

Music and Identity in Post-Soviet Countries – in the context of the war on Ukraine.

With: Dmytro Fedorenko, Hanna Perekhoda, Nino Ugrekhelidze.

Moderator: Sana Tannoury-Karam

Panel III

Artistic Production and Creativity in Times of War.

With: Kamilya Jubran, Poly Chain, Eylaf Bader Eddin.

Moderator: Mariana Berezovska

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