Accessibility and Inaccessibility

  • We are committed to trying to make all our events as accessible as possible. Our team has received briefings on accessibility measures and respectful behavior and communication. We also understand that we have been socialized in an ableist society, and we are in a process of learning and unlearning. We welcome and appreciate feedback and criticism. Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Ticket for an accompanying person: Free!

    We offer free access for an accompanying person for holders of a »Schwerbehinderten Ausweis mit Kategorie B« card. Please get in touch with us in advance to make arrangements.

  • Reduced ticket: Available!

    Refugees, asylum seekers, people excluded from legal residency, and other individuals excluded from access to resources: please contact us for your reduced ticket ( Please give your full name and specify the day/s you’d like to attend.

  • Wheelchair access: Not accessible!

    This year’s events are located in the basement of Soma Art Space Berlin, which is not wheelchair accessible – there is a narrow flight of metal stairs that descend to the event space.

  • Deutsche Gebärdensprache: Available!

    During the panels, Sign language interpretation or Deutsche Gebärdensprache will be available on site.

  • Stroboscopic effects: Safe! 

    No stroboscopic effects will be used during the event.

  • Sound levels: Loud!

    We expect loud volumes for some of the artists. Earplugs are available free of charge at the bar.

  • Contact number: Available!

    During the events, we – the Territory Disrupt team – are available to assist when needed. Please reach out to any of our team members, or contact us via this number (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram): 0049 1578 2797 480 to be announced closer to the event.

  • Access to the venue: Description!

    The venue can be accessed through an entrance directly in the first building (Vorderhaus), without the need to cross a yard. There is a wide pavement in front of it. The event space is in the basement of the venue, with a narrow set of metal stairs. The bathrooms are on the ground floor, and can be accessed by going up the same metal stairs that lead to the event space.

  • Public transport: Accessibility Information!

    The closest S + U (metro and train) stop is Yorckstraße, and it is equipped with an elevator, also with acoustic controls (Bedienelemente akustisch) and with tactile control (Bedienelemente tastbar).

    The U6 stop Platz der Luftbrücke is an 11 min walk away, and also connects with bus like M43 which stops only 5 minutes away on foot. Buses 140 and N42 also stop 5 minutes away.

    Metro stops connecting to the area like (U Hallesches Tor and U Mehringdamm) are equipped with acoustic controls (Bedienelemente akustisch) and with tactile control (Bedienelemente tastbar).

    If you have any questions about the route to get to the venue, please contact us on

  • ALT-Text: Available!

    We mainly use Instagram as our social media platform. All our posts include an Alt-text, and our captions are screen-reader friendly.

  • Website: Simplified!

    We tried our best to keep the navigation on our website simple, accessible, and screen-reader friendly. Please let us know if you think we can improve on any of the aspects.

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