Press Release 0.1

Press Release 0.1

Territory Disrupt

25&26 November 2022 | SOMA Art Space Berlin

Music sessions and discussions examining cultural imperialism and artistic production in times of war with:

The concept behind the music-discursive event Territory Disrupt was sparked by Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine – which must be seen through a Russian imperialist lens, and which cannot be seen in isolation of other political events and wars that continuously impact our societies in the past years. 

There is a great need on the historical level to offset disinformation, to reframe which voices and narratives are heard, and to reposition ourselves in terms of mutual solidarity against deep-rooted systemic problems that foster ideologies of hegemony, war, and totalitarianism. With their power to overcome social, cultural, and linguistic boundaries, music and sound have always been at the heart of social unrest. Those who aspire for hegemony often try to dominate localised sonic, linguistic, and cultural scenes to control the narrative. At the same time, music and language have been key in popular resistance to all forms of state-sponsored terrorism. 

The artists and speakers presented in this two-night event all aspire towards progressive internationalist politics and identities in their own way. The event’s scope includes artists and thinkers with heritage and active ties to other countries and regions affected by recent or ongoing wars, which are often the cause of imperialism. Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler confront each other’s respective origins and contemporaneity in a duo blending oud and voice (Jubran) with electronics (Hasler). Prolific producer, curator, and collaborator, Poly Chain has been a steady presence at Ukrainian parties including Cxema, Osnova, Veselka, and ∄, as well as an outspoken voice against the war on Ukraine. Two other tireless Ukrainian voices, Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko come together as the audiovisual duo Cluster Lizard and take inspiration from futuristic ideas from prominent science fiction writers and filmmakers to speculate on future dystopian soundworlds. A Cafe Oto resident in 2021, Bint Mbareh explores the power of communal singing to build relationships within communities and their environments. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and researcher Khyam Allami is an oud performer of great renown that is also deeply vested in proposing better awareness and practical solutions to the cultural biases of tuning in modern music technologies. 

These artists will join researchers, scholars, and activists in three thematic discussions focused on the war in Ukraine in a wider context of Russian imperialism, artistic production in times of war, and how music and sound can resist cultural imperialism. Through combined performances and discussions, Territory Disrupt calls for a deeper understanding of modes of imperialism, and the urgency to resist its various forms, within the experimental music community.

We look forward to greeting you in November!

The Territory Disrupt Team


Venue partner: SOMA Art Space

Funded by: Musicboard Berlin

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